Welcome To NZTS Workshops

The New Zealand Train Simulation Workshops (NZTS Workshops) was first established in early 2002 by a group of like-minded modellers keen to work together to bring quality add-ons to the then still brand new Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS). Most of the original membership were fans of the TSNZ site, that was quickly building a name for itself as the home for anything to do with New Zealand MSTS add-ons and the team reached a total of 3 modellers, one activity designer and ten BETA Testers very early on.

While the modellers and activity designers worked together to enhance physics, modelling detail and textures our strong team of BETA Testers put everything from wagons to scenery models through their paces and it wasn't long before multiple new releases to be public a month began to work their way through the Workshops, leaving users satisfied that what they were downloading was the best New Zealand had to offer.

With the arrivial of Rail Simulator in 2007, the content being produced for MSTS, the former simulator of choice, diminished and with the exception of two of the modellers the NZTS Workshops team was largely disbanded, mainly due to the larger development time for models and the like for the new simulator.

Since Rail Simulators release there have been several major upgrades to the simualtor, the lastest edition being titled Train Simulator: 2013 (TS:2013). With these major upgrades has come a burst of enthusiasm from a new team of developers and testers (some of which were former NZTS Workshops members) with several new models currently being tested and at least one route project in the early planning stages - though content has started to be produced for it.

So now that you know a bit more about us, you can look forward to some brand new, high quality TS:2013 releases in the, hopefully, not too distant future. We're always on the look out for people with the potential to join our team, be it as a modeller, scenario designer, sound engineer, blueprint guru or BETA Tester so if you feel you have what we need don't hesitate to click Contact Us and let us know!